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A gallery of drawings by artist and illustrator Bill Purnell BA (hons)
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Media and Politics

What's been happening in the world? Mostly bad stuff if you read the papers. Drawings inspired by politics, celebrity, war, the financial world. Anything in the news.

Traditional Drawings

Ink drawings for the not so adventurous. Less bizarre and more accessible.

XXX Adults Only

Very Rude or Drawings that may offend, please do not view if you are under 18 or easily offended

Portrait Orientation

View all the portrait oriented artworks in one handy gallery

Landscape orientation

View all the landscape orientated artworks in one handy gallery

Current Commissions

Artworks created for specific people to their brief, used to display the artwork to them for approval before purchasing and being moved to the sold gallery. You cannot purchase items in this category.

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I am Artist Bill Purnell, here's my Gallery of original ink drawings which I have categorized. They are hand drawn, unique and all for sale at very affordable prices so pick a category above and have a browse. They are funny, quirky, strange and you'll love 'em! I am providing Cheap Original Art that you can buy right now for just £15

If you decide to buy one from me it can be delivered to you mounted or unmounted. I would recommend you to get it framed when it arrives for presentation and protection purposes although this is, of course, up to you.

If you would like to know more about me or the artworks, whether it be the concept behind them, the specific materials I use or other technical info simply go to the about page.