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Everything you need to know about artist andi Illustrator Bill Purnell BA (hons)


About my Ink Drawings


I create these artworks because I enjoy doing so. Art is subjective, there is no good or bad art, maybe in one persons opinion or even in the majority of the population's but not definitively. This led me to the conclusion that I should simply create the art which gave ME the most enjoyment. I believe and hope you can see this in the drawings. I want to provide affordable original artwork to everyone! I want to fill the homes of the world with my drawings. I want to be prolific. The concept isn't deep or complex, it's simple. Drawing what I feel like drawing and providing them to anyone who wants them.


About the paper

I use Daler Rowney Aquafine Texture Watercolour Paper, 300g cold pressed. The texture adds a distinctive quality to the drawings.

About the Ink

Black Indian Ink is all I use, I favour it for it's intensity, stability and permanence, meaning the artworks can be displayed and enjoyed for hundreds of years to come.

About the pen

Dip pens lend a quality to the line that you just can't achieve with other pens. The subtle random nature injects spontaneity and uniqueness in to the artwork. Personally I also like the historical weight to a dip pen. Tools which have been used for hundreds of years have a certain charm and beauty to them.

About the mount

The mounts I provide are very high quality, laser cut for precision and double mounted for extra stability and protection. I think the deep bevel edge with V groove presents them beautifully.

About sizes.

All artworks have the following sizes displayed beside them with all other relevant information:

You can view my artworks with or without the mount and decide how you want to purchase it. If you want to buy the piece without the mount you can. I would actually recommend this as it works out more economical, it's simpler and cheaper to post to you and you can frame and mount it exactly how you wish.

I would just like to clarify. I create the artwork and leave a 25mm border for my signature and date. I then place the mount over it with the artwork showing through the window. This hides the signature and date for presentation purposes. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

sizing explained

About Me


Philosophy, Chess, Jim Jeffries, Ralph Steadman, The Big Lebowski, Egg and Bacon, Kid Koala, Stewart Lee, Quentin Blake, Banksy, Four Lions, Order, Eraserhead, Toast, Pool, The League of Gentlemen, Pavement, Johnny Cash, Sandwiches, Sand Witches, Bill Hicks, Being John Malkovitch, Eminem, Pulp Fiction, Pints of Ice cold Lager, Haribos, Charlie Brooker, Monkey Dust, The Beatles, Carbohydrates, Machete, Braindead. Modest People, Fargo, The White Stripes, Belleville Rondezvous,


Philosophy, Jack Falls, Blandness, Hypocrisy, Exercise, Dishonesty, Politicians, Nob Heads, Aggression, Puppies, Noel Edmonds, Uri Gellar, David Blaine, Jeremy Kyle, soggy things that are supposed to be crispy, people who barge into queues, late busses in the rain, the rain, things I haven't learnt let, Inequality, Corruption,

Creative History

I was born in Essex, in the year of 1982 and like the majority of us I began drawing at a very young age. I found it a great way to release my creativity and explore my imagination, the possibilities were endless and I spent the next few years of my life doodling and drawing. In 1992 I started secondary school and began to learn about other artists, the language of art and the basics of drawing, perspective, composition, the use of colour etc.

My next stop was in 1997 where I started my BTEC in General Art and Design where I learnt more about painting and the way paint reacts, the beauty of the happy accident and the value of experimentation.

Studying Fine Art at University in 1999 was my next step in my creative development. The focus here was conceptual and philosophical and they encouraged an experimental approach. I used this time to further explore materials including, Oil Paint, Household Gloss, Acrylics, Watercolours, Bleach, Spray Paint, Enamel, Damar Varnish, Canvas, Gesso, Wood Panel, Paper, Resin, Sand, Sand Paper, Charcoal. You name it, I tried it! Painting large canvasses and wood panels with buckets and huge brushes was a great experience. I learnt the importance of questioning and analyzing art and how to formulate arguments to defend my work through many group critiques.

After university I continued to paint and began to expand my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and use it as a tool in my work. I studied Multimedia at Hurricane Studios in Deptford in 2003 where I began to learn the basics of web design and continued to paint. In 2007 I began selling my first ink drawings regularly in Brick Lane, London and exhibited in various galleries around this time. In 2008 I began my NVQ in graphic design which further enhanced my skills as a graphic and web designer teaching me more about Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

in 2010 I got a job as a web and graphic designer (That's right a real paid job!) creating artwork for print and designing websites from the ground up. I have learnt a lot from doing this and decided to put the knowledge I have gained to good use by creating where I can show and sell my artworks to a wide audience, having complete control over every element of the site.

Here I am now in the present day, talking to you about me, drawing anything that pops in to my mind and scanning them in for display and sale on my site. I hope you like them.

If you have any questions or just want to get in touch please feel free to contact me.


B . I . L .